A message from General Manager/CEO Randell Meyers:

PVEC understands the hardships that some of our members are facing during the Coronavirus pandemic.  Out of concern for our members who have been affected by the pandemic, PVEC will postpone disconnection of service for nonpayment of electric bills and will waive late pay fees at this time.   Electric bill balances that are owed will continue to accrue during this grace period.  PVEC will work with members and will offer to make payment arrangements to those who are behind on their electric bills as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.  Please contact your local PVEC office.  If possible, members are encouraged to continue making payments to avoid a large electric bill balance.

 Our lobbies remain closed; however, our temporary drive-through windows, phone lines, and website remain open and we will assist in any way possible. We extend our heartfelt good wishes to all of you as we work through this challenging time.