Powell Valley Electric Cooperative makes it easy to connect to our service. PVEC requires a completed application for service, two forms of identification, and payment of a membership fee and deposit before service can be connected.

Application for service

Complete an application for service. If the form is completed outside of the office, it must be notarized.
Residential application | Commercial application


Applicants must have a photo ID and a second form of identification.

Membership Fee

As a member-owned co-op, all members must pay a $5.00 membership fee.


Powell Valley requires a deposit of  two times the average bill in the past 12 months for the service location. If no history is available or electric service for a new location is established the following deposit amounts apply:

House, Mobile Home$260.00
Apartment, Condo$160.00
Cabin, Houseboat$100.00
Barn, Electric Fence$50.00
Pump, Garage$70.00

Deposits will be refunded after paying on time for 12 consecutive months.

A deposit can be waived if you meet certain requirements (good credit history with PVEC, good credit history from previous electric utility or a third party co-signer).  Contact your local PVEC office for information.

Line Extensions and Charges

  • PVEC will build up to 1000’ of overhead power line to a permanent residence.  Permanent residence is defined as home or mobile home.
  • PVEC will build up to 400’ of overhead power line to a cabin, barn, or an electric fence.
  • PVEC will build up to 200’ of overhead power line to a vacation home or camper.
  • For extensions above this amount there is a charge of $4.20 per foot.
  • Underground facilities are also available. For primary underground facilities a charge of $5.00 per foot is added to the underground line distance.  For underground secondary or services a charge of $1.75 per foot is added.  We also allow the consumer to dig their own ditch and PVEC will credit $0.50 per foot of ditch length.
    Please complete an Underground waiver of liability