“We’re here to serve you.” We’ve all heard this phrase countless times. These words may sound generic, but to us — your local electric cooperative — they mean everything.

Powell Valley Electric Cooperative was created to serve our community.
In 1938, neighbors banded together and formed our co-op for the common good. In our case, it was the only way the community could bring electricity to the areas where there was none. In doing so, Powell Valley Electric Cooperative helped the community thrive. That mission-focused heritage is the golden thread that is woven throughout our history.

Today, we are continuing to empower the community. While our focus has remained steady on providing reliable energy to our members, today’s energy landscape and consumer needs are far different than they were decades ago. That’s why we’re adapting, to keep pace with changing technology, evolving needs and new expectations.

Serving as your trusted energy advisor means we want to help you save energy (and money). If you’re looking for ways to save energy, consider a Home Energy Assessment. Members can conduct a DIY Home Energy Assessment or schedule a free energy audit with one of TVA’s energy experts to identify ways you can save energy at home. Understanding how your home uses energy can help determine the best ways to modify energy use and thereby keep more money in your wallet. For more information on this program, visit pve.coop/programs/diyhome-energy-assessment and click the “Learn More” link.

At Powell Valley Electric Cooperative, we understand that unexpected and costly repairs can sometimes arise without warning. To help with one of those unexpected expenses, we offer heat pump financing through TVA’s EnergyRight Residential Services program. Members who qualify can have a new heat pump financed for 10 years. To inquire about the requirements for approval, contact your local PVEC office.

Another way Powell Valley Electric strives to serve its members is through our various youth programs and scholarships. The co-op provides several opportunities to its future members, including Youth Leadership Summit, Young Leaders Conference, Washington Youth Tour and more. In addition to these, the cooperative makes efforts to educate the youth of the communities we serve by visiting schools and participating in career days and safety days.

In the same way that co-ops formed to provide electricity to those who did not have access to it, the cooperative has made advances to provide internet and phone service to our members. Historically, citizens of rural communities didn’t have access to high-speed internet. This is why Powell Valley Electric Cooperative has partnered with Scott County Telephone Cooperative to form PVECFiber. PVECFiber offers fiber internet and unlimited telephone service to members within Powell Valley Electric Cooperative’s service area.

So, the next time you hear Powell Valley Electric Cooperative use the phrase “we’re here to serve you,” we hope you know that we mean it. Service is deeply ingrained into who we are. We continue to evolve with the times, and in return, we’ve found additional ways to serve you and provide more options for you to empower your life. We’re here whenever you need us.

— Brad Coppock