Revenue-neutral rate change

Powell Valley Electric Cooperative has always made the delivery of affordable and reliable electricity to our members a priority. As a member-owned Cooperative, we continually evaluate our rates and fees to maintain long-term financial health while also providing affordability and greater reliability.

Starting April 1, 2024, your Cooperative will be implementing a revenue-neutral rate change that involves decreasing the energy charge component while slightly increasing the fixed customer charge.  The term “revenue-neutral” means that the overall revenue generated from the increase in customer charges will be offset by a reduction in energy charges; therefore, the Cooperative will not receive additional revenue.  This adjustment is designed to better align our revenue with the costs of maintaining and upgrading our infrastructure, especially during periods of high demand.

What this means for Residential Members:

In 2023, the average residential member used 1,072 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per month at a cost of $121.22.  After the revenue neutral adjustment, the average member’s bill will remain the same.  Residential members using more than 1,072 kWh per month will have a slight decrease in their monthly bill, and, conversely, residential members using less than 1,072 kWh will have a slight increase in their monthly bill.

What is a Customer Charge?

The customer charge is the fixed amount of the bill each month that covers the costs of providing service to each location. These costs include the purchase of meters, poles, transformers, clearing rights-of-way, some administrative expenses such as generating, printing and mailing monthly bills, as well as the continued maintenance of all facilities.

We understand that any change to rates can impact our members, and we want to assure our members that it is not taken lightly.  It is important to recognize that this change is imperative to meet the rising energy demands, uphold service reliability, and ensure the long-term financial health of the Cooperative.