Members of the Powell Valley community are ready for the summer heat thanks to a free Home Energy Lunch & Learn hosted by Powell Valley Electric Cooperative (PVEC) on June 11 at PVEC’s Sneedville Office.

PVEC teamed up with Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA) EnergyRight Solutions to offer hands-on training and advice to members interested in lowering their energy usage this summer.

The workshop offered participants an opportunity to practice using expanding insulation foam, caulk, and weather-stripping to seal air leaks, as well as learn how to utilize other energy-saving tools to lower their bills and keep their homes more comfortable throughout the summer heat. Participants also learned about the benefits of saving energy.

Each participating household received a free energy-saving toolkit, including caulk, expanding foam, an LED light bulb, weather-stripping, gaskets for light switch and outlet covers, and a filter whistle.

According to Randell Meyers, General Manager, “We are excited to support the community with the knowledge and necessary tools to make changes that can help make their homes more energy efficient. That’s what these workshops are all about.”

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